Web Marketing (WD) or also known as or “online marketing”, arises from the massive introduction of the Internet, with the need to adapt traditional marketing strategies using the tools provided by the web 2.0.

Thus, it can be defined as the mechanism that companies or people have to promote and provide advice on a topic, product or service, in order to create bonds in the clients through strategies oriented to interaction.

With the strategies of web marketing, the message will be delivered to a segment of the public with access to the Internet through devices such as computers, tablets and mobile phones, so it is considered a tool of massive and personalized type at the same time.

If you are one of those enthusiasts who have decided to work in this area as FreeLancer, or you are an entrepreneur and want to know everything that involves the management of your brand in social networks, in this post we will provide you with 10 recommendations that you should NOT do if you leave to perform digital marketing.

The strategy: The first step to systematize the marketing of your product

In any action to undertake or when you are going to develop digital marketing, the first thing you must be clear about are the tactics that will be implemented to achieve the objectives.

If you do not know the objectives you want to achieve, the business project will be a failure in its execution and results, so it is necessary to have a strategy for marketing the product.

1. Not having an established planning can lead you to lose great opportunities.
First, you must know the mission of the company, the raison d’etre of the business and what it does. It can be an ideal instant proposal to measure weaknesses, threats, strengths and opportunities (SWOT analysis). They will also help you identify the market, the channels through which you will reach the public and know the competition.

Another important aspect is the definition of the objectives (SMART), the actions referring to how you are going to achieve it. Additionally, definition of the contents and schedules or their programming.

2. You do not know who your audience is or to whom the actions are directed ie; what is your target audience, target, or community that you want to hook. This is what market segmentation is all about: having an exact knowledge of the client’s profile, focused on their age, location, tastes, needs and what they value most.

You can achieve greater efficiency by knowing what the client wants, how he wants it and through which means you can obtain it.

The content should also be another point to consider

3. Do not post junk content that does not add value to your community. The type of content is one of the strong points in the creation of ties with the public. That is why it is necessary that you research, document and nurture the knowledge of the experts, showing naturalness and originality in your publications.

 Do not talk about what you do not know. The idea is that people read your articles and feel emotionally identified, so they always return to your blogs, networks or websites.

4. Be optimistic, but do not long for the impossible. If you are starting to write a blog do not expect it to be positioned overnight. Achieving this can take time and dedication. If you need to show yourself professionally, open your own domain, interact with the public and place high quality images that are related to your content.

5. Do not be excessive with the content you publish. It is always necessary to be concise and direct. If the reader encounters a publication whose content is of interest but is too long, he probably tires and does not want to reread your publications.

Do not leave aside the good spelling, punctuation and the use of the correct language to leave the message.

Social networks: Another strong indispensable

6. Do not overdo the use of hashtags. It is possible that if you use too many, the message is not clear and reaches many people who may not be interested, so you will get fewer interactions.

Do not use too many words together. On the contrary, use those that best refer your content, or think of new ones that are specific to your brand.

7. Do not stop answering the comments if you are in an initial phase. Assign their fair value to those who, in a constructive way, ask you for advice or a good opinion. If you encounter a negative criticism, either because you made a mistake or because someone wants to criticize your brand, it is very likely that this could affect you.

To amend the errors will never be wrong as long as you know that you can make mistakes when planning your projects. Do not let the criticisms be able to distort your visions and be targeted with the corrections that, thanks to the comments of the public, now you must apply to your proposal.

8. A lot of advertising can be harmful. The excess of advertisements on our website may cause the user to leave and not return. The advertisements must be closely related to the products and / or services that you are presenting on the website.

9. Excessive emails may cause the user to place you in their junk mail box. If you think that email marketing is a great opportunity for sale and communication you are right.

It is essential to have a list of contacts whose profiles have already been studied and with prior permission of these for this. If you exceed the frequency of emails, it is most likely that your email is sent to the spam folder.

10. Do not stop monitoring. It is essential to evaluate the objectives and the action plan on a recurring basis. Remember that the behavior of the market is changing and you must be up-to-date, review sales and track the social media campaign.

To know if the objectives were achieved, you can use the KPI’S (Key Performance Indicator) or in Spanish: key indicator of performance. These will allow you to make decisions at the right time about the strategies and variables that were most effective.


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