The Internet has become a fundamental phenomenon for modern life. One of the main instances that have motivated thousands of people to be interested in this phenomenon is the possibility of monetizing from different practical areas, whether professional or not.

The result, endless business proposals that, through the new economy, have managed to enter the digital business, using the Internet as a means of communication, exchange of information and means of transaction, among other functions.

Many have been businesses that, through the Internet, have managed to become the best proposals of the moment. In this article we present the 10 most successful businesses on the Internet during the last 10 years.

1. Wikipedia: the world reference encyclopedia

The Wikipedia proposal has managed to become one of the most important interactive platforms for handling information of all kinds. This digital encyclopedia has more than 15 million publications currently, all present in more than 200 languages. This has been possible to the collaboration of its users.

And is that the proposal of this encyclopedia lies in the possibility that anyone can modify their writings¸ creating a line of collaboration to diversify and extend the content of all their articles. This is how his writings can reach so many people with the most complete information, highlighting Wikipedia as the first to report on millions of topics.

2. Amazon: a diversified offer line

Amazon pioneered the purchase and sale process carried on the Internet. Since 1994, the currently first page in sales has forever transformed the ways to access different products. The growth of Amazon has not stopped thanks to the digitalization of more and more businesses, becoming the first choice of many people.

Today it is known that Amazon’s fortune exceeds 100 billion dollars, which is why it is recognized as one of the most successful Internet businesses in recent times. Its scope and diversity add a significant increase in its client base every day.

3. Social networks: a portal for interaction from different codes

Social networks are one of the most successful businesses of today. 9 out of 10 people own or have an account in a social network. We know that among the first social networks it is possible to highlight Facebook, a portal designed to reinforce, at first, the interaction between a group of students.

It would be a matter of time for Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, to begin developing his new proposal now not only for students but for ordinary users who would enjoy sharing and interacting with the rest of the users.

Today both Facebook and other social networks have managed to become one of the most prominent Internet businesses, obtaining the support through the millions of users that form part of each of these networks.
4. YouTube: the world video portal

The famous video portal has managed to become one of the most profitable businesses, not only for its founders, but also for its participants, better known as Youtubers, who through different ways of sharing their content, have managed to succeed in the world of success monetizing its contents.

YouTube has not stopped growing since its inception, standing out as the website with the most videos worldwide. It is considered one of the most important audiovisual portals at all times, being responsible for the massification of information in the modern world.

5. eBay: the process of buying and selling in the digital world

eBay is one of the first icons of electronic commerce in conjunction with the Amazon generation. Its beginnings would have been limited to promoting the trade and auction of different products in the United States. However, little would be the time that would take for the success of eBay to extend to other borders.

Currently this company is responsible for a large number of transactions around the world, allowing millions of people to access different products in a matter of a few days. His first records of responsible income of about 3 billion dollars would account for it.

6. Google: the Internet giant

Google would become one of the most important Internet companies under one of the simplest proposals ever thought. Its beginnings, located in the garage of a house, would be designed to offer browsers an alternative in what refers to search engines.

This is how Larry Page and Sergey Brin begin what would become one of the most important projects in history. Page would know Brin at Stanford University. Their participation in a project called BackRub would allow them to develop an algorithm known as PageRank to design their search engine.

The name of Google is attributed to the numeral followed by 100 zeros, used as an alternative to its first PageRank proposal.

7. Netflix: reference of content for entertainment

Netflix proposal comes to the digital world after Marc Randolph had to pay a fine of $ 40 after submitting one of the movies he had rented late. This experience would have invited him to reconsider the world of entertainment, so the payment of this fine would have been the beginning of one of the most innovative ideas of access to entertainment.

This is how the idea of ​​Netflix is ​​based on the payment of fees established from the preferences of its customers, making single payments per month, thus allowing the enjoyment of content without having to be limited by the surpassed consumption of any material.

8. MercadoLibre: a strong point for electronic commerce

MercadoLibre is one of the portals most used by the Latin American population in everything related to product marketing. It does not matter the price nor the class to which the product belongs. MercadoLibre has managed to diversify into a wide range of services and / or products available to meet the different needs of its customers.

Currently this portal is used by thousands of companies, which seek a greater reach to their customers thanks to the convenience and immediacy of this platform to sell their products. In this way, the portal has managed to position itself as one of the references of electronic commerce.

9. LinkedIn: the job portal par excellence

Among the different options for finding jobs and offering some work, LinkedIn has positioned itself as one of the first options for all kinds of professionals in different practical areas.

Each user can create a profile based on their curricular history, allowing employers to access all the information they need to contrast with their profile. Thanks to this, the employee portal has managed to link millions of employers and applicants around the world, becoming one of the most successful businesses on the web in recent times.
10. Baidu: the search engine of the Asian giant

Like Google, this search engine has a line of subscriptions that allow the user to use parallel resources such as an email and an instant messaging system. This is the preferred search engine in China. It is able to offer the same immediate search results as Google.

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