Throughout our life, we receive influences of all kinds. We live in a technological era where media such as television and the Internet influence everyone in one way or another, in the same way as some people do.

It is something that happens on a daily basis, many times without you noticing and that is why it is sometimes difficult to draw a line between negative and positive influences. A negative influence is one that leads you to think or perform actions that may be harmful to you, to the people around you or your environment

On the other hand, a positive influence is one that will lead you to good things for you and your environment, which will make you a healthy, happy and successful person.

Positive energies attract positive things.

This is a fundamental principle used in mathematics. Conceptually, it is known that positive signs add up, equaling a positive result, so if you want to make a change in your life, you must start by changing your way of thinking to a mentality free of negative thoughts in which Bad energies are an obstacle to achieving your goals.

In positive psychology it has been possible to affirm that positive emotions reward feelings of happiness and well-being for people who allow their lives to be permeated by positive thoughts. This is how configuring thinking towards a positive north becomes a key factor for healthy development.

But the road does not end after you change your way of thinking, and is that after making a change inside, you must take it to the outside. In this way, you can positively influence people. By seeing you with a clear mind and a positive and proactive attitude, they will begin to consider you, which may attract new opportunities and experiences to your life.

Start with small things. It is not necessary that you always have a smile from ear to ear on your face all day, there are at least 7 ways to positively influence people:

  • Listen to the people around you: this way you can meet those around you, and learn more about their problems. you can help them find solutions, in the same way, that if you know what their strengths and virtues are, you can help them develop them.
  • Be generous with others: this does not mean that you should throw bills from the roof of a building, the generosity must be in line with the need that each person has.

Positively influencing people is transcending their lives

  • Be a motivator: sometimes you just need a little push in the right direction to take the road. Many people, not having that momentum, stay stuck where they are and are unhappy, a person will always need at least someone to believe in their dreams to feel that they can make it happen.
  • Take into account the opinions of others: even when these are not in line with your own ideas, you must, in addition to listening, carefully consider the approach that can be done by someone else even if you do not agree. You can not think of everything, so an exchange of opinions is the key to finding an effective solution to a problem.
  • Learn to say things: there is a great chasm between a derogatory comment and a suggestion of how to improve what is failing or where there is a deficiency. Choose the words you are going to use to produce the desired effect.
  • Celebrate achievements: both yours and those of others. This works as a positive reinforcement that sets a precedent in people’s minds. In thinking that there will be a “prize” in reaching a goal, they will strive with greater enthusiasm and willingness to achieve it.
  • Be honest: sometimes reality can be a bit harsh, but it is important that you be honest in the things you say and do. Showing a bit of vulnerability will not damage your image, on the contrary, it will make you look more human and close to everyone. They will see in you a person of confidence. Hiding things or walking with lies will generate distrust.

Deciding to influence others is a great responsibility

Some people will consider you a model to follow or an authority figure before certain topics. Winning your confidence was easy, but recovering it will not be so, that’s why first of all take care of you in order to help others. You must remain calm in the face of adversity, be the voice of reason and do not let fear paralyze you.

Always have a kind expression and gentle words for those who come to you for help or simple company, and have a constant and fluid communication with those around you. This will result in a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere, full of good vibes where everyone will feel a great comfort and familiarity.


Remember: treat others as equals and not as inferiors. Even in a work environment where there is a hierarchy, it is important to be respectful, educated and gentle with the people with whom you have relationships.

It may be difficult at the beginning to make all these changes, but in you is the power to achieve them effectively. You just have to make the decision to move from being a person influenced – by everything and everyone – to a person who positively influences people, who will remember you as the person who marked a before and after in their lives.

Everyone has in their memory the memory of a relative or a high school teacher who said the right words at the right moment and forever changed the direction of their lives, think that you could be that person and you will find the motivation that You need to start thinking positively.

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