Be an entrepreneur is a versatile and risky lifestyle, which is why, in many cases, it is a stigmatized way of carrying out a project or life plan. Who knows entrepreneurship will understand that it is a complex activity, which requires investment, not only economic, but also spiritual, physical and intellectual.

A lifestyle that has revolutionized life itself

Despite criticism and / or questioning, history shows us that be an entrepreneur has to be managed to change the lives of many people through the success of individuals who, thanks to their efforts and projects, have managed to change life forever from different specialized areas.
This has been possible thanks to the presentation of proposals that went from being a business plan to becoming now one of the most demanded offers in a given market. For that reason, we will illustrate in this article a list of 8 important entrepreneurs during the last 10 years.

Be an entrepreneur is a big decision to make

1. Jeff Bezos: The revolution of the process of buying and selling on the Internet

Born on January 13, 1964, the current and recognized 5th richest businessman from around the world made possible his proposal to take the marketing process to the digital world: Amazon.

This platform, currently one of the websites with the highest amount of purchases and sales, was thought by Bezos in 1992, year in which he was highlighted as vice president of “The New York hedge fund D.E ​​Shaw”.

By then, his idea was focused on designing a website to market books. However, his situation was not supported by his circle. His boss would warn him that his proposal would be successful, however, this would not be necessary for someone with the size of work he had.

In 1994, Bezos decided to ignore these words and continue what would be his most important project. Currently, Amazon has achieved a fortune of more than 100 billion dollars, a definite change for Internet sales.
2. Mark Zuckerberg: the most famous social network of all time

Facebook would take its first steps as a social network designed for a network of students, managing to offer small personal data about each user, managing to interact by doing away with factors such as distance and time.

With 34 years of age, Mark Zuckerberg’s proposal would change the life of an entire generation, creating a digital portal that would make digital interaction a possible facility for all people in the world. Currently, the entrepreneur forms a fortune in excess of 70,000 million dollars.

3. Steve Jobs: the most recognized apple in the entire world

Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple in conjunction with his colleague Steve Wozniak. He was a businessman who managed to strike a blow in the market with his brand under an unconventional strategy.

His proposal was focused on not studying the needs and characteristics of its market, offering products totally unrelated to current demands. However, this would not have been limiting in the triumph of the first brand in the world.

Despite dying at age 56, the proposal of Jobs has been immortalized in the market of technologies, becoming one of the potential in everything inherent to the development of telephony, computing and related in this area.

4. Bill Gates: the proposal of the personal computer

Bill Gates is an entrepreneur who has managed to change life forever from many instances. His proposal to innovate the personal computer made him the pioneer of what would become the most important element in the life of many societies.

The CEO of Microsoft still assumes the challenge of maintaining his proposal of the personal computer as one of its products in development and in continuous progress, hand in hand with new projects that have resulted from the best reception by the public.
5. Fred Smith: the strategy made a business

FedEx, known as the largest logistics company in the world, was made possible thanks to the experience of Smith, who, for the Vietnam War, would play as leader of a platoon in his country, the United States. Then, as an air controller, he would acquire all the necessary faculties to make his own proposal possible. Currently, FedEx is a globally recognized company as the largest logistics company in the world.

6. Jonh Mackey: leader in the vegetarian supermarket

Jonh Markey, together with Renee Lawson, would be responsible for a chain of stores dedicated to the sale of the most important green products in the world. The beginning of his proposal would begin in 1978, with a first house located in Austin.

His projects were simple. They did not aspire more than a sustainable life under a small business. However, his proposal became the source of more than 50,000 employees explained in more than 250 supermarkets.

7. Herb Kelleher: South Airlines

The simple proposal of Kelleher to maintain a loyal clientele was possible through very simple elements. First, sustain a structure of low prices; secondly, to provide a truly efficient and quality service, guaranteeing the satisfaction of the needs of all customers.

This is how Southwest Airlines could become the most airline company with the largest extension in the United States. Among other fundamental elements for the success of the company is the program of distribution of shares that allowed its employees to be perceived as a fundamental part of the company, working as owners committed to the company.

8. Narayana Murthty
An entrepreneur who managed to become an organ for economic growth in India thanks to software development. He is one of the co-founders of Infosis, while he would stand out as director of that company for more than 20 years.

Currently, the leading IT company has positioned itself as one of the most important software development companies in the world, teaching that any project is possible regardless of the conditions as long as the hard work and commitment are guarantees. .

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