Digital platforms are mostly associated with entertainment. However, they can also be of great help when it comes to starting or starting a business.

Thanks to globalization, the digital world is an increasingly tangible reality in the development of many institutions and companies. Hence, digital platforms are essential for almost any business today.

Using the digital platforms correctly, it is possible to have a prosperous and successful business. Next, we present the 7 most popular digital platforms for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs:

1. Instagram: The leader in photographs

It is the most popular photo application on the network. Thousands of users use it every day, which makes it an ideal tool for advertising for entrepreneurs and for entrepreneurs who want to start their business.

Instagram is a very profitable platform, since they can publish and market their products every day and without publication limits. In addition, Instagram also allows you to upload short videos and stories that last 24 hours, offering other channels for advertising your products.

Because of its versatility, Instagram has positioned itself as a great free advertising platform, allowing information to reach many people with little effort and in the shortest possible time. In short, an essential tool for the development of any business.

2. Youtube: A store of video ideas designed for thousands of causes

Since its launch, YouTube has become the platform par excellence to upload and watch videos. It is ideal for entrepreneurs, since they can translate their ideas into videos and be seen by a large number of people.

By creating a channel on YouTube, entrepreneurs can upload videos and share their passions with the rest of the world. Thanks to the inclusion of advertising in the videos, you can earn money for each visit that the video has.

In Youtube there is a lot of competition, for this reason, originality and creativity must be present to be able to stand out among so many.

3. Shutterstock: Marketing of photographic projects

If the business or entrepreneurship has to do with photography, Shutterstock is a great platform to display photographic works and earn money with it.

This platform acts as a labor market, putting creatives in contact with clients. The idea is to associate with a company, this includes the intellectual works in the products of your page. When a customer buys the license to use content, the photographer earns money and the company takes a commission.
Shutterstock works as a picture bank, there it pays a percentage to the photographers for each subscriber that downloads the photographs.

4. Woocommerce: Online stores for different proposals

This e-commerce platform allows you to create an online store easily and quickly. It offers different purchase options, integrating different payment methods, taking charge of updating the inventory and adjusting both prices and promotions.

A great advantage of this platform is that it allows to personalize and give an image to the business to differentiate it from others, and in this way, reduces internal competition.
Woocommerce charges a commission of 3.5% for each sale, which leaves a very good profit margin, so that you have full control of the business, allowing you to create a blog to attract users.

5. Amazon: One of the strengths in sales of an extensive range of products

When talking about large platforms to sell products, Amazon should always be on the top of all lists. The great American multinational is the site par excellence to advertise and sell any product.

The disadvantage of this platform is competition. The product must be attractive enough, and in addition, it must fill a gap that may exist in a specific market.

6. Upwork: A range of digital services

For the independent entrepreneur, this platform is suitable to offer online services and get in touch with interested clients.

The works are 100% online and consist of activities such as writing and translating texts, composing songs, editing photographs, writing scripts, etc.

Upwork usually keeps 10% of turnover and increases or decreases popularity depending on customer reviews. The more positive reviews, the more visible services will be offered to interested users.

7. Udemy: Digital education available to everyone

For businesses that have to do with teaching, Udemy is the ideal platform to sell online courses.

This platform receives thousands of daily visits from users interested in learning about a particular topic, so the goal is to have a course that meets a demand and meets the expectations of customers.

Grow in the new digital world: A necessary step for any company and / or entrepreneur

These are just seven platforms ready to, through specific functions, strengthen activities that favor the commercialization of different types of products or services, facilitating or discarding elements related to investment by infrastructure, time factor, communication mechanisms and others.

This is how the transformation to the digital world becomes a necessary step for any company that pretends to prevail in a given market. This will guarantee you an important participation in the coming years in your specific purchase and sale categories.

Likewise, entrepreneurs must be aware of the platforms and those links that, through the digital world, make possible the projects from another perspective, from another methodology and approach, allowing the significant advance, not of one, but of different ideas in the shortest time possible.

If you have not taken this important step, it is time for you to start feeding on all this information. Start with these seven digital platforms, then study and research to determine which of these would be the most convenient for your project in the future. Do not rule out the possibility of considering more than one platform for your projection, since they are designed for different functions.

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