Internet businesses are gaining a lot of ground today. Whether due to crisis, job losses or just to earn extra income, online businesses are very popular and many people are taking advantage of these initiatives.

To start a business project on the Internet, it is necessary to inquire into certain questions: what kind of business you want to develop, how much you can devote to this business and what topic you may become interested in converting into a business proposal.

As in any business, Internet business requires a good strategy and making the right decisions.

Internet business models

There are two types of businesses on the Internet: those that do not require exclusive dedication and generate passive income; and those of absolute dedication, which generate constant income; that is, as a full-time job.

Whatever type of business you choose, it must comply with these three rules:

  • Solve an existing demand in the market: most Internet businesses fail because they are guided only by an idea or intuition of their owner, instead of solving a real need for their audience. Therefore, it is vital that you validate your business idea before starting it, no matter how avant-garde your idea is.
  • Work independently: to make your business on the Internet autonomous, you must automate your processes as much as possible, so the business can generate money without investing so much time in it and you can dedicate to other businesses if you wish.
  • Exponential growth: this means that you must increase your income without increasing costs, otherwise, the more you spend, the more you have to invest.

How to have several businesses

So you can decide which type of Internet business is best for you, you should ask yourself the following:

  • What do you like ?: If you are going to spend a large part of your time in an Internet business, it is better for a topic that you are passionate about. Look for hobbies, interests or hobbies that you would never tire of speaking or writing about. In this way, in addition to making money, you will have fun doing it.
  • What is your specialty ?: Find out what you think you are very good at or in the areas where your knowledge is above average. Another option is to ask your family or friends about the things for which they would come to you for advice, they can give you valuable information.
  • Can you cover a demand ?: Before deciding on an idea, you must validate one or several that have business potential, that is, there are people who are willing to pay you to solve their problems.

Passive Internet business models

As mentioned before, passive internet businesses are those that do not require major investment of effort and time. Some ideas of these businesses are:

  1. Affiliate Marketing: this Internet business has a great capacity to be a periodic passive income. You can earn a lot of money by spending only a couple of hours. It consists in creating a website in which products are recommended through affiliation links. When a user clicks on a link, it is directed to the website where the product is sold and if the user buys the product, you charge a commission for it.
  2. Sell your services online: if you are an expert in any subject or in any service in general, you can advertise in a specialized platform. Currently, there are many platforms where you can sell your services with the interested public.
  3. Sell your creations in Internet markets: if you are creative and you like to compose music, photography or programming, you have a potential business in platforms that act as online markets, putting you in contact with potential clients. The idea is to create an association with these platforms, which will promote your services and creations in a list of services that all assigned users can use for their respective projects.
  4. Be a virtual assistant: this profession has emerged with the emerging technologies of recent years and its demand will grow in the near future. A virtual assistant is a person who works in the distance and takes care of other people’s tasks, generally doing the heavier work. Some of the tasks that a virtual assistant is responsible for are: receiving and answering emails, paying suppliers, organizing events, preparing documents in Word or editing content or videos.

Active business models

In this type of business, constant and exclusive attention is required, as a daily work. Some of these businesses are:

  1. Have a blog or web page: consists of a blog or a page that focuses on a particular market and its goal is to capture a particular audience. A blog organizes its content in an optimized way, in general they are small, but they are very well positioned in the search engines. Your market tends to be audiences with greater buying potential.
  2. Create a vertical social network: this social network is not like the other networks that are online like Facebook or Twitter. A social network of vertical type is a platform in which users share significant similarities (a trade, a hobby, etc.). This type of networks can be a profitable business on the Internet because they offer very specific services to the people who make them up. and they can also be promoted to companies or brands with a specific audience.
  3. Web developer: a web developer knows how to make a web page from the beginning to the end. For this you must know how to code, which can take effort and time, but if you like to program and you are willing to work hard, it can be a very well paid job.
  4. Graphic designer: they are in the same line as the web developer, graphic designers design websites, sales sites, logos, designs for companies and any object that is sharp.

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